Saturday, June 24, 2017

Film: 80s Summer Camp Slash-a-thon @ Prince Charles Cinema

The wonderful guys at Arrow Video got to host an all-nighter of 80's slasher movies. We got 5 films, none of which I'd seen before. 

The Burning is a rival to Friday 13th and has a very similar story with a murder loving creature killing teenagers in a summer camp. Instead of Jason who Cropsy, the camp janitor who we seen burned in an accident at the start of the film. It launched the career of the Weinsteins; this was their first film and it apparently did really well in Japan.

I liked this one, it was a suitable cheesy start to the evening.

Madman was originally going to be a version of the Cropsy tale until The Burning came out at which point it was rewritten to have an old woodsman attacking the camp counsellors. This one was cheesier with some really hammy accent that had us in stitches but there was plenty of graphic violence too.

This was the most entertaining film of the night by a long way.

Blood Rage was a convoluted tale of twin brothers; one living a normal existence and the other committed to an asylum after a killing spree as a child. He escapes and visits his brother to kill more. The acting from their mother was atrocious and spoiled the film.

This one was the most complex.

The Mutilator tells the tale of a college kid who is asked to house-sit his father's apartment and takes some of his friends along for a party, but there's a killer on the loose. This one was OK, much better than the previous. 

The Slayer was a really tough film to get through. It was too slow for a film showing at this time in the morning.

So, an enjoyable night and a chance to see new films, which is always good.
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