Sunday, June 04, 2017

Park: Dreamland

Some photos from a revitalised Margate Dreamland park. With several millions pounds worth of investment I thought it would be good to see how things are.

New letting on the exterior.

A rather wacky gateway into the rides area.


It's random, but I do like it.

The centre of the park is a large open space with the old entrance lettering now the backdrop.

and facing that a really impressive stage on which a DJ was playing old dance tracks, Beats International's "Dub Be Good To Me" for example. I did chill out here as I was liking the tunes.

A new marble run which given the staff in situ I think there was an issue with it.

There is some really nice theming on the rides. The park wants to tap into the nostalgic past that Margate has. This style suits that really well.

At the back corner is the contentious ride in the park. A large wild mouse which has been stuck in front of a recently constructed residential block without the tenants consent. I think the fault here sits with the builders of the block who must have known the site was on the edge of the theme park. The same goes for the tenant, silly NIMBYs.

The biggest queue was of course for the Scenic Railway which looks to be as popular as it ever was.

A new addition to the park for this year is Beehive Coaster. Yes, it's a wacky worm but with a slightly unique theming.

The scenic entrance has a new mirrored spinning top as it's centrepiece. Again, a nice unique touch.

Loving the detail in the theming.

Clearly borrowed from one of the travelling showmen.

The rides are looking great.

The mirror maze is made from some storage containers. I'm not sure that's quite in fitting with the rest of the park and I suspect it's just to fill up some space as a temporary structure.

The park is really wanting to be home to live music and as a one-off event were going to be hosting a concert by The Gorillaz. (It has since taken place and was apparently very good!)

So Dreamland is on a journey but there has been a pretty big step made this year. I do wish the park well and will pop down regularly whether it's for the park or more likely for the concerts.

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