Saturday, June 17, 2017

Film: The Mummy

The first film in Universal's "Dark Universal", their attempt to create an MCU style collection of films using their old horror characters. This one introduces The Mummy with a cameo from Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Tom Cruise kills his best mate and is stalked by a tattooed goth chick who takes a fancy to him. He doesn't fancy her, deciding instead to prefer a blonde woman with no tattoos that he threw out a plane earlier in the film. Russel Crowe is shoe-horned into the film terribly. The only positive is that there are some good zombie fights and the cgi doesn't give us anything as terrible as The Rock Scorpion King.
The Brendan Fraser / Rachel Weisz were tongue in cheek and enjoyable. This tried too hard and failed. I doubt we'll see a sequel.

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