Friday, May 12, 2017

Gig: Leftfield @ Brixton Academy

In 1995 Leftfield released an absolutely stunning album called Leftism and there were plans to celebrate the 20th anniversary a few years ago but that fell through. Two years later the tour is happening and I was fortunate to see their first of two London gigs.

Support came from Cloak and Dagger, a couple of guys from Bristol who have toured with Leftfield in the past. They did a great job with their dub selection to get the crowd ready for the bass and music of the main act. A nice touch that between the two acts they played the theme from Assault of Precinct 15 which sounded great.

Leftfield were superb and any fears I had around the bass being too much were unfounded. (I had to leave their Homelands set the last time I saw them when my skeleton vibrated too much for my liking). The sound was loud but not painful, whoever did the sound tuning did a great job!

I was a little disappointed with the version of Original. It's my favourite track on the album but the singer tonight wasn't as good as Toni Halliday on the (pun intended) original. The Lydon collaboration "Open Up" was by far the most over track of the night with the slightly older crowd really going for it. The crowd were great tonight with a large contingent probably people who were clubbers 22 years ago.

There are nights where people leave being able to tell others "they were there". This was one such night. Totally incredible!

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