Thursday, May 04, 2017

Gig: Joel Goddard @ Heaven

Hot Chip look to be having a bit of a break this year with the members all going off and doing their own thing. Alexis has a new solo album out, Sarah looks to be playing drums for Harry Styles and has her own Pillow Person stuff and Al Doyle is back with LCD Soundsystem. Joe Goddard has also done his own album Electric Lines which he was touring with, hitting quite a lot of festivals over Summer. I'm seeing him at Field Day and Blue Dot but thought I'd see him playing this set at Heaven under Charing Cross station.

No support act, just a DJ to warm us up and he did ok.

Joe spent most of the set twiddling knobs and dials and generally playing with a table full of equipment. It took a few songs before he spoke to the crowd, but when he did his unease in doing so endeared him to the crowd.

We didn't get any Alexis appearance at this show which Joe apologised for. The female singer, who I don't know unfortunately was very good for the songs that she sung though.

and being a simple show we had balloons, lots of them.

The album isn't bad at all and is varied enough to provide at least one song to everyone that they'd like. Live was fine, not much to look at but the music is great and is going to go down really well if played in a small tent at the festivals.

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