Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Gig: The Big Moon @ Village Underground

The Big Moon were a band I missed at last year's Blue Dot and discovered at last year's By the Sea festival in Margate. There they played a little set of great indie songs and became my new discovery of that event. Since then they'd released a new album and were touring with it this year.

First up, Jerkcurb which was a bit of an odd name and I guess a reworking of his real name Jacob. He played a short set, more to get used to playing in front of a sold-out crowd I guess.

Second up were Swedish band Francobollo, which apparently means "stamps" in Italian. They weren't bad at all but I thought it was a bit cheeky of them to play one of The Big Moon's songs, but given they've been on tour together for a little while it's probably just some of the ribbing they do.

The Big Moon then came on and played for about an hour with the set consisting of most of the new album, which is really good. They still have the same energy on stage as I remember and they had a great crowd, a large contingent of whom were familiar with the songs, which is always good. A few were called out for having been following the band on their entire tour. I wish I could do that with a band I like, not this one? It'd be a bit creepy...not as weird though as the woman who came up onto the stage and almost muscled the lead away from the mic.

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