Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Film: Turkey Shoot Double Bill

Two films back to back, the original and the remake.

The first one is an Ozploitation film from 1982 and a film that I saw as a kid and remember very well. People considered "deviants" kept in a prison compound are given the opportunity to get their freedom. To win it they have to avoid being hunted for 24 hours, the hunters being members of the rich elite who treat the hunting of humans as a sport.

The film is very low budget and was never going to win any awards but it is entertaining and that is what attracts me to films like this. My favourite bits featured a mutant character best described as a grown-up teen wolf who takes a sick delight in pulling people apart.

The 2014 remake is a slight nudge to the original but is more like Arnold Schwarzennegger's The Running Man, featuring the brother from Prison Break playing a soldier framed for the murder of children who becomes a contestant on a Turkey Shoot game show. This was also shot on a budget with the effects and film quality reminding me of Kung Fury...not very good. It's also nowhere near as much fun as the original. The director tried to play this seriously and shouldn't have. Even the hunters are a joke.

So the older film was the better of the two, perhaps due to nostalgic reasons.

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