Saturday, February 17, 2018

Event: The Hunt for the Cheshire Cat

In The Hidden City is a company that specialises in treasure hunt style adventures around several locations in the UK and a bunch of friends thought we'd give this one a go. It's obviously themed around the Alice in Wonderland story and has you trying to solve 14 clues whilst walking around Central London. The clues come via text keeping the costs down and allowing you to play at your own pace. There's also an optional path part way through that leads you to a different ending.

It was a good way to spend a few hours and mixing it with a little pub crawl filled the day nicely. There was a system issue with our group where we switched story lines with the other group but I'm sure that's a blip. I'm also surprised to find a couple of cool places I hadn't been to before. I also liked how the organisers have hooked up with some local businesses to help out.

(I don't believe I've given too much away here)

The link is here if you fancy giving it a go. We'll be doing the Sherlock Holmes one next.

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