Saturday, April 28, 2018

Gig #13: Anna Meredith @ Queen Elizabeth Hall

Bonkers composer Anna Meredith announced an orchestral arrangement of her rather excellent Varmint's album. I love her live shows as the musicality is stunning and she gets a great sound out of her little band. The idea of her working with an orchestra would be stupid to turn down.

Opening as usual with the rather excellent Nautilus, I have to admit to having not been as blown away by the track as much as when I first heard it in Margate a few years ago, but it sounded great with the full orchestra. However as the set went on there were elements of piccolo and flute weaving around the familar tracks, cymbals and more glockenspiel and just a full range of sound that turned the tracks from great to absolutely epic. At one point there was a track played which seemed to have only been created to test how loud the orchestra could get. If Anna was ever commissioned to produce a THX or Dolby Atmos sound card, it would have sounded like that.

For the encore we had a track that featured children's musical instruments blending with the orchestral sounds before breaking into a chorus of Jennifer Rush's "Power of Love". The usual absurd twist you get from an Anna show.

She mentioned that the show is going to be taken to Edinburgh in August. I'm already planning my next trip up there now.

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