Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Lost Series 1

Well I was enjoying the show so much I decided to buy the box set. If you're waiting for the UK one, don't; it's a rip-off. It's only going to be the first half of the series. For the same price you can get the full US series; a much better purchase.

Well having the day off work today (actually yesterday) I got through the last disks and the series has been written well enough to answer some questions but raise a whole lot more. Without spoiling too much here's what I thought.

My favourite episode has to be the Hurley back-story one which provides some mirth that has been missing to date as well as giving you a reason to watch all the episodes again, it's quite fun too.

It's kind of clich├ęd that a character had to die and I think they picked the best one. I'm glad my favourite character is still OK as I think the show won't have the same vibe if he's written out.

I don't think my initial purgatory theory still stands. It's more complex than that. I do still stand by my thought that the boy has a more significant part in what is going on than we've been made aware of. The same is true of the baby.

It ends on a good cliff-hangar and as series 2 is now live in the states I have a reason to try my bit-torrent client, which I've been reluctant to do so so far.
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