Sunday, October 30, 2005

The night shift....again

This week has been quite hellish and the team have been working flat out.
We've had 5 overnight implementations this week, which is a record.
I'm currently doing the final one; as part of the time change from BST to GMT I have to stop our systems when that happens.

I have a TV hooked up, which is showing Halloween H2O. If I remember it correctly it was pretty rubbish. I was going to phone in for a pizza but I've gone for the healthy option of bowls of fruit instead. The obligatory cans of red bull are also on hand to ensure I remain awake during the small hours.

This has completely killed any chance of doing anything this weekend, so I've managed to arrange Monday and Tuesday off work. I just need to find something to do on those days. It'll probably be the cinema again. How predictable huh?

I will probably throw up some links to other sites whilst I'm working. I have spent the last couple of hours adding pictures to some of the old posts. The things I have to do to keep myself awake. I should really have brought in my PS2 and played "Tony Hawk's" all night.
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