Saturday, October 14, 2006

Alien Algae

Another weekend with nothing planned so I thought I'd go to look for some alien algae that had been seen in Central London.

This is the Serpentine, the largest lake in London. It's here that the algae had been sighted, and just my luck its right up the other end of the lake.

Along the way I passed the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. It's crap! Its a little stream that you can't paddle in because you're likely to slip and crack your head open. A real travesty of red tape and bureaucracy, but even with all that people were gathered around it.

This is the Algae, its actually an art installation by Tony Heywood. Its supposed to be a statement on how algae develops mutant strains to battle environmental conditions but the philistine in me reckons its just a pile of shiny floating things.

This is much cooler, its part of the Serpentine Gallery nearby. I wouldn't want to be sipping on tea and eating carrot cake inside it when they over inflate it!
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