Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Silent Disco

The Flashmob craze took off a few years ago but having joined a list a while back, I thought it had died a death. So it was a nice surprise to be invited to a Silent Disco Event that took place tonight.

The plan was quite simple, turn up at Liverpool Street Station at 19.15, armed with your ipod, then when the clock hit 19.24 start dancing to it.

This is Liverpool Street Station normally.

This is it when the mob showed up. Just a little busier than before and far bigger than any flashmob I'd been to before.

Then the party started.

Whilst the crowd danced, those of a more voyeuristic or less brave nature watched from the floor above.

The vibe was definitely a happy one, even those caught in the middle of it were smiling.

There were good dancers and bad dancers, dancing in various styles.

The funniest part of this was seeing non-participants trying to get home without blowing a fuse.

Plenty of floor space for those air guitar solos.

Showoff! There's always one.

Here are some videos I took. If they're not playing or not appearing then that'll be because they need to be processed on the yourtube server before they can be viewed. Just pop back later and they should be sorted.

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