Friday, October 13, 2006

New Police Story

Clearly restrained by Hollywood Jackie Chan returns home to make the kind of film, true fans know him for. Whilst it has "Police Story" in its name, it has nothing to do with the rest of the series, which are amongst my favourite of his. It does however feature crazy stunts and some pretty ropey acting, especially Jackie being drunk, truly bad!

But the action and the stunts are top notch and Jackie although over 50 can still put on a great show when he's allowed to. There is admittedly a lot of wire work, a touch of CGI and his young partner gets into more scrapes than he does, but his performance is still a lot better than in both Shanghai movies.

The plot isn't too bad, with Jackie's swat team taken out by a gang of rich kid bank robbers with a penchant for video games. In fact the way they're killed off in front of Jackie is pretty grim for a Hong Kong film. Not taking this too well, Jackie becomes an alcoholic and it takes the motivation of a young cop to pull him out of his slide and the two of them plan their revenge.

Two big stunt sequences are particularly good, the first has Jackie riding on an out of control double decker bus. The second is a big fight routine in a lego playland. Watch the outakes for a clip showing one of the stuntmen being taken out by a pile of lego. Painful!

I'm biased in my reviews as I love Jackie Chan, and its nice to see him back home. Hollywood, you misused this guy!
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