Sunday, October 29, 2006

Saw 3

Well its Halloween soon, which for Cinema fans means that their local cinema might actually show an 18 rated film, something that hardly happens anymore. With Saw being the only horror franchise left (Scary Movie doesn't count) it was time to go and see this and as fan of the first two I was looking forward to this.

Following on from the last one we see Jigsaw on his death bed being looked after by the girl he'd groomed. A nurse is kidnapped and made to look after him whilst he runs one last game on a guy seeking revenge on the man who ran over his son, who has also been kidnapped and left to run through a series of challenges where he has the opportunity to spare the lives of people involved in letting his son's killer go free. It sounds complex but its not really and with a small cast its easy to follow.

What made this franchise exciting is the elaborate and sick games that Jigsaw plays, and this film is no exception. The film makers are keen to hear ideas from fans and have incorporated some in this. The worst one is the rack, a device that doesn't stretch, but twists its captor. The first sequence featuring some extreme body piercings is also pretty bad.

As with the first two the film does include a twist, but its never going to top that of the first film. Also quite intriguing although the series appears to come to an end there are some plot devices put in place that hint at a 4th, and having read some forums apparently the guy playing Jigsaw has signed on to do another 3.

Looks like I'll have something to go and see next Halloween.
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