Monday, January 22, 2007


A boy who likes to masturbate over goats when he's not watching his sister undress.
A mexican housekeeper stuck with two kids she doesn't want to take to her kids wedding.
Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett on holiday in Morocco
A deaf mute Japanese girl who likes losing her underwear.

All come together when an accident happens.

I spent most of the film wondering the following.

Why were Brad and Cate on holiday in Afghanistan? You only find out its Morocco late in the film and because its subtitled you can't tell what accent is being spoken by the locals.

How did the boy manage to shoot the left hand side of the bus when he could only see the right from his shooting place?

How did the bullet hit Cate in the shoulder if the bullet hole was below shoulder level and the shooter was up a mountain?

Why did Brad Pitt insist on keeping cotton wool behind his bottom lip?

Why if Cate Blanchett pissed herself would she insist on needing a pot to piss a second time?

The film was half an hour too long and rubbish. Only the Tokyo cinematography and clubbing scenes in particular stood out. The rest was just dragged out and could have been trimmed quite a lot.

But it will win a lot of Oscars.
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