Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Camera

With the money my parents gave me for Christmas I decided to buy myself a new camera, a Canon 400D DSLR in fact. Quite a step up from the little ixus that has seen me well for the last few years. Now I have another hobby and interest to keep me occupied in my free time. I had a spare day between Christmas and New Year so I thought I'd go into town to try it out.

St James Park, the place where a myriad of birds come to choke on bread thrown by tourists who should know better.

The London Eye, stealing the sky line from the Military Buildings in front of it.

I think some old person lives here, just not today as the flag isn't up!

To be honest I needed to tweak these in Photoshop; the skies were so grey that the pictures came out with a blueish hue to them, easily corrected however.

Its going to take me some time to get used to all the setting that this camera has. I'm so used to just pointing and clicking. But it will lead onto a worthwhile past time. Expect things to get better as I get used to it.
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