Saturday, January 13, 2007

London Fair 2006

At the end of my walk through London I ended up in Hyde Park and the London Fair. I had arranged to meet some friends there for a go on some spin rides and coasters, during a time in the year where parks are usually closed.

However the skies got even greyer and the heavens opened, putting a downer on the day. I eventually gave up and made my way home.

Here's some pics anyway.

The big coaster is one of those bog standard normal mice things and it was here last year.

This is the main line of rides with the booster in the background towering over everything else.

Extreme was the best of the spinning rides.

It was a shame the day got rained out, I do like a good fair and this one isn't bad at all. I think I said this last year, London really needs a theme park. I doubt we'll ever get it though.
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