Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Year Resolutions

I've got 3 for this year.

Firstly I'm going to give up Burger King and KFC. To be honest I've only been to BK twice in 2006, and only because it's across the road from the Vue in Leicester Square where I go a lot. Giving it up completely won't be too hard. KFC on the other hand is a lot harder as I do like that a bit and have eaten more of that! By the end of year I will be fast food free, which is going to kill any chance of me surviving in the U.S haha! That'll leave pizza for 2008, which is going to take the biggest amount of willpower to deal with, but that's a year away.

The second resolution is to see through a bet with some friends to grow a mullet. Perhaps not the cleverest of ideas but at least I can say I did it, although why I'd want to celebrate the fact the Lord only knows. I've told enough people now to not back out, even the barber is on board with the idea. It's going to be quite a radical, read ridiculous, change considering it's been shaved for the last 2 years because its I'm losing it and bits are going grey.
Fortunately I'm not vain enough to care and I think it's going to be funny. We'll see how it goes.

Finally I'm going to watch more episodes of Friends, actually not true at all. I'm going to make more of an effort to see friends that I didn't get to see much last year. That covers both local friends and those far away; you know who you are! Having moved recently I have been in a social rut, of my own choosing I might add whilst I got used to the area and doing my own thing. I intend to snap out of that this year.
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