Monday, April 14, 2008

Banksy hunt part 2

I'd found the girl, now to find the boy. The life belt was a clue that it was somewhere along the river, it wasn't until I'd seen another shot with the gherkin in the background that I realised it must be on the South Bank east of Tower Bridge.

Part of the reason for locating the Banksy work is that it gives me a reason to visit parts of London that I wouldn't usually go to, in fact it goes further than that having visited Bristol primarily for that very reason. This part of London I'd never been to before and it actually looked quite nice some of it.

The boy was clearly white-washed but the guy who did it (a local resident I believe) realised his mistake and did what he could to clear the white off. It's a shame that its faded so quickly but at least the guy so the error of his ways (and the potential fortune he'd almost painted over)

In the original piece there was a syringe on the end of his line, but its all but gone now.
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