Sunday, April 06, 2008

Step Up 2 The Streets

Now, I'm not really sure why I went and saw this. The plan had been to see The Orphanage but I couldn't find it showing anywhere, and there was not much else interesting me; consider this one the best of a bad bunch.

It's a really cliched plot about a young girl from the streets, who wears vests to show off her ample cleavage. Threatened with being moved out of her bad neighbourhood to her aunt (Fresh Prince anyone?) she signs up with a local dance school that focuses on more classic (read posh) dance styles in an attempt to remain in her turf with her friends. Realising she's gone posh her crew disown her.

So feeling ostracised she meets up with a bunch of misfits at school who all harbour a secret desire to be B-Boy megastars and she forms a crew to battle her former one at a major underground dance contest called...yes you've guessed it...the streets.

The plot is rubbish, the film is actually all about the dance routines. Those that know me know I'm a fan of b-boying and although I can't manage even a basic backspin I love attending the championships each year. This was a bit like the team battles put to music with some ropey filler in between.

The producers of the film somehow managed to find a geeky white kid who could dance pretty good too!

It's rubbish but good rubbish if the street dancing is your thing.
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