Monday, April 14, 2008

A brand new big Banksy

It made the London newspapers today but I'd already been tipped off in the morning that a new Banksy piece had appeared over the weekend.

and here it is, it's massive. Not as big as the Old Street Rat but certainly bigger than most of his pieces of late.

What makes it particularly funny is that this was painted up directly under a CCTV camera that should have caught him. He apparently had 3-storey scaffolding erected, did the work, removed the scaffolding and left without being stopped once.

The detail on the policeman and dog watching on.

The detail on the kid.

I like this piece and as with the Tesco flag it was attracting a small crowd when I got there and as more people read the papers I guess the crowd would have gotten bigger as the day went on.

If you're wondering where this one is its behind the Rathbone Place post office on Newman Street, just off Oxford St. It's so large that you can't miss it from there.
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