Monday, April 14, 2008

Banksy hunt

I'd heard that Banksy had been back in town and posted 3 silhouette kids around London. One in West London had already been painted over but the other two were still around. All I had to go on for the first was the wall and a picture of a bus with half the number showing; a number 4. Checking his usual haunts showed a 48 bus going through Hackney so I figured that would be the best bet. However I had no idea where on the route it was, so guess who spent 90 minutes riding it all the way from one end of the route to the other, then riding it nearly all the way back looking for it.

I eventually found it near Hackney Baths. I'm not sure whether I like this sold silhouette style but I did like the way it interacts with the stuff around it.

Having found the first Banksy (the second wouldn't be til tomorrow) I decided to take a walk through Hackney and Shoreditch to see what new works were around.

Not sure if this D-Face piece is new or not but I like it.

Baby toaster.

Daddy toaster

This actually reads "EXCITING" but its hard to capture all the letters in a single shot. I'm guessing this is Eine who seems to have painted a load of shutters with letters in this area (something that I'm thinking on photographing late at night when all the shops are closed and the shutters down).

Hoxton Square, there used to be a red ninja woman here.

Some weird art installation in the centre of Hoxton Square. Would be more interesting if one of them was real.

A Faile piece in Shoreditch.


I saw this from the bus and wondered if it was a Banksy, it's not as it's been pasted up, but still quite nice.

I think this is the largest invader piece I've found yet!
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