Tuesday, January 14, 2014

American Hustle

There are films made to win Oscars, there are films that I like and if I represented these on a Venn diagram the overlap would be tiny. I just can't get into Oscar movies in the same way I can with a bit of low-budget escapist nonsense. Looking at the list of winners, Lord of the Rings in 2003 was probably the most recent winner that I can say I enjoyed. 

Now I do love the British TV show Hustle and I thought this may be a version of that but set in America; that was my reason for seeing this. It's not like that show at all. Instead we get lots of well done hair, well done costumes, and performance that involve people shouting at each other (a clear sign of a film trying to get Oscars for best performance). The British hustle always had a clever pay off, but the one in this film sucked in comparison and I left the cinema feeling that I'd been hustled over the price of the ticket. 

The coolest bit though was a strange scene featuring an adult downs victim with an afro who just smiles into the camera for about 20 seconds. That being the strongest impression left on me by the film probably says enough.

Subsequent to me seeing this the film was announced as the leading contender of Oscars this year, something I knew would happen on leaving the cinema disappointed. 

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