Saturday, January 18, 2014

Garth Marenghi's Darkplace 10th Anniversary showing and Q&A

Hard to believe this forgotten classic is now 10 years old, but someone in London thought it right to celebrate it's birthday with a back-to-back showing of the single season this weekend, and hats off to your sir!

For those not familiar with the show the premise is that in the 80s horror writer Garth Marenghi was commissioned by Channel 4 to produce a show about supernatural activity in a Romford Hospital, but the content was so shocking and controversial that the tapes were shelved never to be shown. Only following a drought of poor TV did Channel 4 ask for it to be dug out and broadcast with additional commentary from the shows stars to explain it.

What it means to the viewers is 6 episodes of bonkers nonsense with a nod to Airplane style humour mixed with the poor continuity and production of cheap 80s TV. With early performances from Matt Berry and Richard Ayoade, the show is a gem.

As a half-time to the episodes we had a Q&A with show creator Matthew Holness and Alice Lowe who gave their views on the show during filming and their thoughts on the show today. Apparently Matthew had never talked about Darkplace before like this so it was particularly special to be a part of this.

As with the Prince Charles all-nighters this event had attracted the right crowd making the event a bit more special, and as a final thankyou we got an airing of Matthew's new short "A Gun for George" which is now being considered for a full-length production.

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