Saturday, January 11, 2014

Arnie All-Nighter

The always excellent Prince Charles Cinema just off Leicester Square hosted an all-night Arnie marathon featuring 6 of his classic films back-to-back with some other Arnie material (funny DVD commentaries, his Japanese adverts etc..) to fill the gaps between the films.

All the films were great but I probably enjoyed Commando most as I loved it when I was younger and it was great seeing it on a big screen. Having written about T2 in my University dissertation I have a soft spot for that film too. The best thing about these events is that you attract a hard-core crowd and not the usual yoots that spoil the cinema experience. Here the people know the films, and know how to heckle (which is encouraged when the film is well known). Yes, you've probably seen these films countless times but probably not with an audience who all shout out the catchphrases in unison. Biggest cheer probably came from "Dylan, you son of a bitch" with "Consider this a divorce" a close second. Of course "I'll be back" didn't fail either.

and of course if you make it to the end of almost 13 hours of testosterone-fueled cinema, you get to be part of the survivor photo, which finds it's way onto the cinema's FB page.

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