Friday, January 10, 2014

Jerry Sadowitz @ Leicester Square Theatre

Every January, the utterly amazing Jerry Sadowitz has a run of shows in London, and when there's not much else on this is a great evening out. For those not familiar with him, he used to be on TV but at times where most people would be asleep. His material is definitely not pre-watershed fact you could argue it's not TV friendly at all. He's as un-PC a comedian can get and his act is therefore challenging for the general public to sit through however, but I love him. If you think Frankie Boyle is offensive, then consider that considerably watered-down in comparison to Jerry's act. In fact a lot of the more controversial comedians in the UK will likely admit to citing Jerry as a big influence. It's just a shame that Jerry doesn't get the publicity that they've got off him...but I don't think he'd be too bitter about that. He's also very protective of his material and not a lot of it exists online, partly because if you're not at the show you wouldn't appreciate what's being said as an act. Context is definitely key in his shows.

Aside from the comedy Jerry is THE best magician we have in the UK with some of the best sleight-of-hand you'll ever see and he usually mixes the two together in his act. Like Carr and Boyle earlier a lot of the more popular UK magicians cite Jerry as an influence. He was key in getting Derren Brown into the public eye for example. On this occasion there was a lot more magic in the act than previously, which is great by me. His card control is second-to-none and his finale featuring the trick going catastrophically wrong only to have the card appear in a grapefruit which he'd thrown to the stage much earlier on in his set was a great way to finish.

On a more serious note people are starting to take a note of what Jerry has to say. He first called out Jimmy Savile as a paedophile over 20 years ago, but it was written off by the press as just one of his comic routines. Now he's doing a similar thing calling out Pete Doherty and the Police over the apparent cover up over the death of his friend Mark Blanco. (More on this here)
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