Friday, March 02, 2018

Event: Labyrinth @ The Vaults

After last year's rather excellent Alice Underground, the announcement of a similar attraction themed to 90s The Labyrinth was a no-brainer.

In their announcement on Facebook they stated the following.

Is your will strong enough to withstand the wiles of the cunning Goblin King?
Late Night Special Feature presents a spectacularly immersive journey through the winding world of the LABYRINTH. 

There was no immersive journey. Having been kept waiting in the chillout room for the show to start we were told that it was all taking place in one room, the room that was just playing badly mixed tunes loudly.

Come and explore the invisible corridors and avoid ending up in the oubliettes. Watch in wonder as actors and acrobats give life to the Goblin Realm through awe-inspiring aerial performances and astounding circus feats. Listen as magnificent musicians serve up a soundtrack guaranteed to make you dance, magic, DANCE! 

The corridors were indeed invisible. Nobody could find them. There were circus performances but all in the same room as the bad DJ.

Will you help #SaveSarah from losing herself in this topsy-turvy domain where nothing is what it seems, or will you fight for the #GoblinArmy and aid Jareth in keeping her trapped in his kingdom forever? Toby’s fate rests in your hands, so pick your side and prepare to play for keeps! 

This implies some element of choice but as there was no immersive theatre this couldn't have taken place.

It’s time to indulge in the voodoo and hoodoo, to encounter Fireys, find giant furry friends, make an entrance at the Masked Ball, dip a toe in the Bog of Eternal Stench… or just come inside and have a nice cup of tea.
Get dressed in your very best adventuring outfits, keep an eye out for crystals, and fight your way to the castle beyond the Goblin City! This will be one you’ll want to tell the grandkids about.

A lot of people did make a lot of effort with the costumes, more than the organisers did.

Reading Facebook after the event, a lot of people were disappointed with the event, which is a shame. I left shortly after midnight, had I known it was no more than a themed club night I wouldn't have bothered going.

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