Saturday, March 10, 2018

Film #19: Gymkata

Part of my plan to make my way through the best worst movies all time I've started with Gymkata, a film about a gymnast martial artist who has to travel to the made up country of Parmistan to win a competition so he can install a Star Wars monitoring station in the country.

This film was all over the place and here are the things that stood out:
1. Gym apparatus is built into the sets so that the gymnastic fighting can happen - the best being a pommel horse in an asylum.
2. I don't think the lead made another movie, I guess gymnastic based martial arts didn't catch on.
3. When I'm done getting through this list I think I'll need to watch all of Richard Norton's films. He's the bad guy in this and in most bad movies I remember growing up with.
4. I kept thinking Mel Brooks was playing the Parmistan ruler.
5. One guy has two faces and another cuts his arm off for no reason.

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