Monday, March 05, 2018

Film #17: Red Sparrow

Jennifer what’s-her-face is a bad Russian ballerina who quickly becomes a super spy trained in the martial art of seduction and is sent undercover to out a mole in the Russian government. People in this film seemed to have a problem closing doors behind themselves and there’s a scene where it’s revealed you can get a close shave with just a single blade; take that Gillette! Jeremy’s Iron has a Russian badge on his uniform that says “Boopy”; we never find out why.

Charlotte Rampling Jarre always seems to be getting the old teacher roles and she's doing it again here. Clearly the casting agent was impressed with her similar performance in Streetdance 3D. Jennifer does fine, she never seems to be remarkable in anything she does. The plot is alright though but you know things are never what they seem when you're watching a spy movie. 

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