Saturday, March 10, 2018

Film #20: Do or Die

Two buxom American agents are put into a game by bad-guy Mr Miyagi who sends 6 teams of assassins after them. Erik Estrada plays a military guy sent to go and protect them. 

1. One of the women turns a golf club into a rocket launcher, which is almost as good as Macgyver's coffin jetski. 
2. "We only have an hour to change our clothes and catch our plane to Vegas" is my favourite line. 
3. The women feel the need to change clothes an awful lot.
4. You will learn a lot about model aircraft.
5. A cat dies a terrible, but quick, death.
6. Miyagi's character is a sex guru. This isn't the wipe on wipe off sensei I grew up with.
7. Explosive baseballs

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