Saturday, July 02, 2005

Free Booze

What's the best thing that happens when a Senior Manager leaves work?
He has to open a tab at the bar at his leaving drinks.

Now the plan was to only go for one but I had nothing else planned that night and well, why not take advantage of this.

So countless jack daniels and cokes later, it's closing time and I've made myself known to a few more people at work. I'll find out on Monday if it was in a bad light, but I'm sure it won't be.

Anyway I fell asleep on the tube but was able to get a bus from the last stop, after a drunken visit to KFC for a butchered chicken in a bun covered in MSG based sauces. I managed to spook a drunken couple on the walk from the bus stop. I think the guy had pulled and she was unsure about going in for "coffee", but then getting home would have been a problem for her so late at night.

I woke up this morning with the worst sore throat I've ever had. I'm putting that down to walking around with no jacket but that's what I get for staying out later than envisaged.

Needless to say today will be a very "gentle" day.
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