Thursday, December 15, 2005

Can you guess what this is?

I asked my best mate what she wanted for Christmas and it had to be something she'd use. Here's a picture of it wrapped up. Can you figure it out? It's not a spade.
I didn't know which was worse, having to carry the present unwrapped through Sutton High Street on a Friday night or having to carry it wrapped to the party. The police thought it suspicious as they made sure to slow down as they drove past. I'm glad she didn't ask for a sawn off. Oh, and if you haven't figure it out, it's actually a garden fork. You didn't expect me to wrap the prongs individually did you? Certainly one of the most unusual things I've had to wrap but I know the present will be appreciated and used, which is always what I'm most uncertain of when choosing gifts. It's much easier to just ask even if the surprise is taken away.
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