Monday, December 19, 2005

JCB Song

Today, something odd happened to the UK pop chart. A song made it to number 1 without the backing of any major record company. I've not paid any attention to the chart for months as it's been full of commercial crap. This song about a young kid being driven about in his dad's digger is a family production that has become successful through word of mouth. Whilst the song is just OK, I really like the animation in the video that can be seen here featuring cameos from Optimus Prime and the A-Team van. The song does pick up towards the end so don't leave it early!

Next week is the Christmas number 1. I doubt this song will still be in the top spot then, as we have the likes of the X-Factor winner and a bunch of choirboys being released tomorrow which is likely to knock them off.

Oh, and for some reason the movie won't play on firefox, open it in IE and it should be fine.
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