Sunday, December 11, 2005

Space Cadets - Is the joke on us?

We have a reality show on at the moment in the UK called Space Cadets where a group of people think they're off in Russia training to be the first civilians in space. In fact they're in a base in Suffolk in a building that has been made to look Russian. Actors are playing all the parts of the trainers and a couple of actors are within the group to remove any doubts of the genuine contestants becoming suspicious they're being set up. Apparently this joke is the reason for watching the show.

There is a lot of talk of this show being cruel, exploitative and maybe the final nail in reality TV shows, after all who is going to believe any shows after this one?

Well it turns out the joke may be on us, one of the "contestants" is also an actor having appeared in a commercial which is still being shown on the telly. The pictures above show Ryan in his cadet outfit and helping Gordon Ramsey with his damaged spleen. The full advert can be seen here

The final episode is tomorrow night when the big joke will be revealed. We'll see whether my suspicion is right or not then.
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