Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Names Bond, Malcolm Henchman Bond

Tomorrow sees our big Christmas work party and our company has booked a huge stately home in Kensington for a "James Bond" themed evening.

Now when you think of James Bond what do you think of? Do you think of smartly dressed people in their black tie outfits sipping Martinis at the bar before gambling at the Roulette wheel. Something like this in fact.

Well that's clearly what the people who have organised the event have thought of. However being the maverick team that we are we've decided to represent the lowly henchmen who are always overlooked in these films. Those guys in the all white workers' overalls, tinted safety goggles, bright construction helmets and white wellington boots. Yep, that's who we're going as. So that's our outfits and armed with toy machine guns we're going to either liven this party up and be talked about the next day or be swiftly turned away from the premises. If it's the latter we have a contingency plan, we'll be wearing black tie under it for a quick change.

We've also noticed that the outfits aren't too disimilar to those worn by the Beastie Boys in their "Intergalactic" video, so I may be taking my iPod and portable speakers for some impromptu Beasties dancing.

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