Saturday, November 04, 2006

Bourne Ultimatum @ Waterloo

Over the last few days Waterloo station has been used as a location for the third Bourne movie (Bourne Redemption & Bourne Supremacy being the other two). Matt Damon wasn't around when I got there, I think all the primary shooting had taken place in the days prior. Today they were just filming background scenes, with a road closed off for traffic shots consisting of a couple of borrowed double decker buses and a bunch of cars, all driven by stunt drivers. I could tell this by the way they reversed their vehicles back up the road when a second take was needed.

Here's a mistake, the 43 bus runs from Friern Barnet to London Bridge, it doesn't go anywhere near Waterloo. There were two camera crews in place, one on the bridge and the other to the right under it.

This is the street level camera, the guy in the brown coat is the director. I'm not sure if its Paul Greengrass, or some second unit director. Probably the latter because they were just filming extras.

After I took this shot I got told off for taking pictures of the set. I thought the guy was just selling papers, then I realised that doesn't happen on weekends and he was an actor. I thought I'd hang around and watch what was going on. It took a long time to get the shot and although there were extras in abundance they didn't seem too bothered that normal people were getting into shot, unless they were all extras and I hadn't realised. In fact I think I managed to get into shot as the camera panned around past where I was standing (actually leaning against a phone box). It'll be fun to see if I make it in, just ending up on the cutting room floor would be fun.
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