Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Prestige

Christopher "Memento" Nolan's latest film pitches Batman against Wolverine, not in a comic book fight style, but as a couple of competitive magicians. Hugh Jackman plays the obsessive magician seeking to work out Christian Bale performs a "transporting man" illusion. There's also some rivalry after Christian inadvertently kills Hugh's wife in a stage trick gone wrong.

Its hard to write a review without giving much away as there is a twist and plenty of clues leading you to it, in fact the first words of the film are "are you watching carefully" and the first shot gives some of it away. If you're a fan of magic then you will have figured the twist out before its revealed but there's still plenty of reason to enjoy the film.

I really enjoyed the film, even though I'd realised where it was going. The acting is solid enough although some of the cast aren't pushed too hard. Bale has to act with 8 fingers and Jackman pulls off the "walking with a limp" look pretty well. Scarlet Johansen plays the Magician's assistant and is no more talented in that than Debbie McGee.

Definitely worth seeing.
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