Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Nightmare Before Christmas 3D

This was one Tim Burton film I'd managed to miss when it first came out about a decade ago so it was a nice surprise to see it re-released in the 3D format and on a digital projector. As the film wasn't designed to be shot in 3D you don't get the over the top in your face effects the genre usually relies upon. Instead the effects seem to focus on moving the background back, which makes for a more visual effect, especially for a film that runs for about 90 minutes. Too much "in your face" stuff and I think you'd end up with a headache.

The story is alright, Jack O'Lantern suffers a bout of depression and decides to celebrate Christmas to cheer himself up. The best bits are when the kids get open the scary presents. Burton collaborater Danny Elfman seems to have more of the reins in this however, being responsible for all the songs, lyrics and as well as providing the voice of the lead.

Overall, not too bad and the better of the two 3D films I've seen this year (Superman being the other). Still a long way to go before beating the 4D show that Disney have at their California park.
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