Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hayling Island

Day 2 in the club weekend and its off to another small park on the coast, this time Hayling Island.

The big coaster here is the Klondike Gold Mine, which they bought from Drayton Manor. I remember this ride as having no leg room and being a bit rough. It hadn't changed.

The park also bought the drop tower from the Trocadero Centre in London.

Before the park let us in to ride, those that were interested were allowed to ascend the tower.

We rode the coaster for around half an hour.

My knees fortunately survived this encounter.

Then we went onto the drop ride, which was pretty cool.

The brakes brought the ride to a stop much quicker than I ever remember them doing in London. A good thing!!

After that we pretty much had free reign over the park and went on pretty much everything.

Considering the flume was very slow moving, it was very wet on the drop. I didn't ride it.

The dodgem formation team display their new work - random chaos!

Tip, leaning back on a wooden helter skelter isn't the best idea.

The cauldron (tea pot) ride was quite popular for those who liked being dizzy.

This is the park manager's pet hobby, the restoration of a real F1 race car. Apparently you have to be able to exit the car in under 5 seconds to be able to drive it. I don't think I could get an arm out in that time.

Possibly the largest bin liners in the world. I'm contemplating getting some if only to confuse our local bin men.

It's only a small park but its superbly run and the manager has an obvious passion for his park. The park was really popular so he's obviously doing the right thing. This weekend was a complete eye opener having seen the state that Rhyl was in the week before.
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