Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

The final film in the Pirates Trilogy is better than the Tom and Jerry second movie but not quite as good as the original movie. This is also quite a long movie, so long in fact my local cinema thought it necessary to include an intermission, complete with trolley dolly selling ice cream. I'd not seen that since the 80s.

There are so many characters now that no-one gets to steal the limelight. We don't even see Johnny Depp inside the first half hour, and he's deemed to be the major character. All of the characters get to shine, even Orlando Bloom and his camp moustache. The Calypso character was awful to watch, I think purely because of the patois accent. It just grated.

The CGI is top notch, in particular a scene where the bad captain is walking along his ship as it is destroyed around him. That was quite impressive. The final battle was cool too. There was also a few comedy moments, mostly involving the monkey (funnier than most of the rest of the cast) but there was one scene with a dwarf firing an over-sized gun and being sent backwards by the recoil which cracked me up.

There were also a couple of nods to other movies, a stand off on a beach was a nice reference to Sergio Leone's "Once upon a time in the West", even the music is an interpretation of that film. There are also nods to the original ride on which all the movies are based, from the dog with the key in tis mouth to the soundtrack (played when the screen goes black after they fall off the waterfall).

Oh, and you also have to endure the credits to see an extra scene, bolted on at the end in an attempt to give a happy ending. I just don't get why the same actor was used as in the opening scene (have I given the ending away in saying that?)
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