Sunday, April 15, 2007


A straight up action film, similar to Bourne Supremacy but without the shaky camera. Actually this film goes for a camera on a helicopter quite a bit with a particularly good shot at the start winding its way up a river to the sniper scope (watch for the cut up the rock face)

Wahlberg plays Billy Bob Lee Swagger a brilliant Sniper who turns his back on the government when he is left behind during an incursion in Ethiopia. Needing his help in assessing an imminent assassination attempt on the president he agrees to help them one more time but finds himself set up as the killer when the attempt fails (Patsy Lee Swagger then). He then decides to go against the people he was working for to have the truth prevail and his name cleared.

The film is alright, plenty of guns and explosions to keep me happy. There's a particularly good sequence with a Napalm explosion that looks like it got too close to the stuntmen than intended. For a character who specialises in killing from afar he seems to get himself in a lot of close scrapes, which takes a sheen off the character.

There's also another sniper in a wheelchair but we didn't get the sniper vs sniper fight we could have done. Actually thinking about it having been caught up in one of those during a game of Metal Gear Solid, with an opponent sniper in a wheelchair, it would have taken too long to put to film.

Worth seeing!!!
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