Sunday, April 22, 2007

Paulton's Park

4 hours travel from the Tiesto gig and I was at Paulton's Park near Southampton for a club event there. I'd already missed the morning fun and I was pretty tired so took the day fairley sedately.

The park is actually really nice and rather surprisingly was pretty busy with lots of families enjoying the nice weather. No unruly kids to be seen, I guess they were all up at Thorpe Park or down the beach, which made experience even better.

New to the park this year is a rethemed crazy golf. The first I'd come across with rough, made from astroturf. I came equal first. We never did have our rematch.

They have a gyspy themed walkthrough, probably the only one in the world........except for Romania perhaps.

The park benefits from loads of open space and shady places, which you don't always get elsewhere.

The big attraction in the park and the main reason for going was the new coaster, Cobra. Its a really cool ride even without the castle theming that I've seen on a similar ride in Germany.

Lots of time was spent in the Hedge Maze and if you didn't cheat by going through the holes in the hedges, was actually quite a challenge to get through. I made it out first.

The other coasters are of the kiddy kind

and yes I did ride them.

Paulton's isn't a massive park but that's part of its charm. It feels like a family run park not a corporate run money grabbing monster, that we usually go to. The park was immaculate and benefited from a very friendly workforce. It deserves to do well.
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