Sunday, April 22, 2007


Midway between the 2 parks the club was visiting is the city of Portsmouth, famous for it's maritime history and the sleep over location for myself.

It was still early evening so I took a walk to the local pier where I knew another coaster could be found.

Skyways was a fun ride and similar to the kind of coasters I appear able to build in RCT without them killing the riders. Simple hills and lots of downward spirals. The ride was actually pretty good, and ran better than it looked.

The rest of the park consisted of the normal fairground type attractions. Rather cheekily a nearby sign advertised a new indoor coaster. It was one of the simulator types.

I don't think much of Portsmouth beach!

This is the Spinnaker tower, built to celebrate the Millennium but was finished two years later. Actually I take that back; its still not finished. The external elevator, which would be good to ride wasn't there, never has been, and probably never will be.

This part of Portsmouth has loads of development work going on and actually looks really good with an impressive shopping and dining complex on the waterfront.

Lets go up there!

Views from the top were, as expected, pretty impressive with nice views of the mainland coast and the Isle of Wight.

The viewing platform has a glass floor for those who have no fear of heights. Looks quite good!!

Portsmouth, yesterday.

A view down the centre of the stairway. Fortunately we only had to ascend no more than 2 floors of this, a very quick and smooth elevator took us the rest of the way.

Weird pyramid venting systems not built by the Egyptians.

Churches often have collections for the church roof fund, this is what happens when you don't donate.
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