Saturday, June 23, 2007

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

The fantastic four are back for more of what they did in the first film, that is trying to deal with Dr Doom who died in the first yet manages to make it back. Whereas Spiderman had a whole bunch of enemies it looks like in this case they only had the same one. A bit unfortunate.

Actually there's also the Silver Surfer, not strictly a baddy but doing the bidding of one, the cloud like Galactus (although I strictly remember from my Super Hero Top Trump pack that he was a big dude with a purple hat). Galactus likes to eat planets, just like Orson Welles in Transformers and the Surfer, in a pact to save his own planet, searches out other planets for him to digest. His run in with the four happens when he chooses Earth as the next course.

The film isn't too bad. It doesn't try to be anything more than it is, namely 90 minutes of comic book fodder. The plot isn't complicated, the acting isn't amazing but doesn't need to be, the effects are pretty decent and unlike with Spiderman I didn't look at my watch once.

For those of you who grew up reading 2000AD there's also a sequence that is the nearest we've been to the Supersurf competitions as Johnny Blaze chases the surfer through a tunnel full of oncoming traffic. Yup, the best scene is also the one they used in the trailer. Nevermind!

Of course there were some minor mistakes. Invisible girls prevents the London Eye by standing on the bank of the river (that'll explain why the surfer is on the wheel) and pushing it back with her force field. If you've been there however you'll know that the wheel overhangs the river so there's no way she could stand in front of it. Yes I'm nitpicking I know!

Had there been anything more decent to see this week I wouldn't have recommended this but as there was no competition its worth doing. It won't surprise me if we see a third movie next year, and whats the odds on Dr Doom coming back again?
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