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Oceans 13

The guys are back, the women are out, and Andy Garcia is recruited. No idea why they got rid of the women, egos perhaps? Ellen Barkin provides the only female performance this time and boy has she aged badly. There's a scene where she's overpowered by a Pheromone on Matt Damon's neck and the come on she provides is cringeworthingly bad, nothing like her performance in Big Easy.

This time they decide to take down Al Pacino after he gives old timer Elliot Gould a heart attack. No real heist this time around, they just want his new casino to lose a lot of cash and for him to get bad press on opening night. The plot is quite ridiculous, featuring one of the channel tunnel drills (I kid you not) to simulate an earthquake.

With such a large cast no-one really runs away with the film. There's some good dialogue between Clooney and Pitt, with some funny references to real life at the end. However there was some jargon used; it took us 10 minutes to figure out what they meant by "whales" (big fish = big casino spenders if you didn't get it). There was also some issue with just not being able to understand what was being said anyway, and the cinema could hardly be blamed. We were watching the film on THX in one of the best cinemas in the country.

It's much better than the mess that was Oceans 12, but still not as good as 11.
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Show: Cirque du Soleil Tracker

Just a way to track the shows I've seen and have yet to reach. These are the current active shows. I've seen some others that have been discontinued (Alegria, Dralion, Immortal, Quidam, Saltimbanco, Zed & Zarkana)

This one I've seen twice. It was "Believe" in 2013 and "Mindfreak" in 2016.

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I got there as it opened and DMC winner Jon1st was already on the decks.
He played a 90 minute set with a lot of scratching and some parts of the routine that won him the championship in 2013. 
This is his routine and you can see just how fast he is.
Time to switchover
Cheeba, who I last saw at BlueDot had brought his Double Vision show to tonight's proceeding. This has him working an AV set on 3 decks, 2 mixers and 2 laptops. With some of his staple clips including the Spinal Tap, Prodigy, Epilepsy mix (which is becoming my favourite AV section of any DJ) he kept the audience happy for the duration of his 90 minute set.
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Our second park of the weekend was Phantasialand, one of the best "theme" parks in the world, and by "theme" I mean the park has spent a lot of money on the detail of the ride rather than on a license and a minimal attempt at associating the ride to that...Pay attention Six Flags.
So the park announced a new coaster Taron, and the theming looked incredible. The ride had received mixed reviews from those that had already gotten to it since it opened a few months ago so it would be interesting to see what we thought.
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