Sunday, June 10, 2007

South Bank

The festival hall on the South Bank reopened after a face lift this week and there were lots of events to attract people to the area. So I thought I'd go along and have a look.

The obligatory shot from the bridge but it was obvious that there were many more people there than normal. The good weather had clearly helped, most people were taking advantage of the green space.

I can't stand people who dress up and stand still in order to make a living but this women was taking the piss. She covered up most of her body so that she didn't even have to do the statue bit.

How many dumb statues can you see in this pic? and how many even stupider people can you see enjoying them?

This guy is escaping from earning a wage through a 9-5.

These were dancers provided by the Festival hall, so were a little more legit. The women were on bungees and being spun around in a jive style by the guys. A slightly different way to use bungee cords I guess, makes a change from the trampoline bungee combination you usually get.

This was the biggest attraction in the area. An interactive fountain themed piece of art where the walls open and close either trapping the people or allowing them to escape.

As you can see it had attracted the crowds.

The piece of art is actually called "Appearing Rooms" by Danish artist Jeppe Hein.

A Mandela piece hidden around the back of the hall.

This was the Gormley statue that I had to reach through a fence a few weeks earlier. Now the area was all opened up.

I'd got there quite late and missed most of the live events that were taking place here, around the back of the hall. However there was a live performance of Beethoven taking place inside that was being broadcast to everyone around the building. Quite cool I guess.
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