Sunday, June 10, 2007

Star Wars Exhibition

There's a Star Wars exhibition in town and as I was at a loose end I thought I'd go check it out. It's mostly full of costumes and models, only a few of which are full size (A fighter and Anakin's Pod Racer). There are also loads of sketchings for characters and sets, some documentaries on the making of the films (probably from one of the DVD extras), a green screen room where you can dress up and act out a scene and have a DVD made as a souvenir. Finally there's a small show where kids get to train as Jedis before taking on Vader and the Emperor, quite cheesy especially as there were only a dozen or so of us in there.

It's alright I suppose, the only niggle is that all the rooms were in darkness and the items in glass boxes, making photography not too easy. They didn't mind you taking picture, probably because they knew they wouldn't be that great.

The exhibition takes place within the posh wooden polished interior of the old county hall building. They'd not themed the walls as I thought they might have.

The official Star Wars toilets.

R2 is actually quite chubby and much fatter than I thought it'd be.

By far the coolest of all the Star Wars characters, and I don't mean Jango.

The hardest pic to take because it was so dark. I took this by upping the exposure and leaving the camera sitting on a nearby monitor.

Natalie Portman must be quite short as these costumes weren't that big.

Some of the sketchings were pretty cool, and varied from pencil on paper to fully coloured pieces like this.

A full scale version of the ship that Anakin accidentally took control of.

Woohoo, a full sized speeder bike. There's a monitor next to this showing how the sequence was put together.

This is the audience from the pod race, they're actually just lots of individually coloured matches in a wire frame.

This is Ted-E-Bear, a character that was cut from Return of the Jedi for out cuting the Ewoks. Actually, its not. Bolted onto the exhibition is a demonstration of robot technology. This is a Karaoke bear.

Inside the main meeting hall of the old GLC is the Jedi Training show.

The kids should have battered crap out of Darth for being too short. They need a bigger actor.
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