Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Chemical Brothers @ Brixton Academy

I'd seen the Chemical Brothers before play a Tribal Gathering event over a decade ago. They were touring again and a mate had a spare ticket so I thought I'd go along. It was one of the best concerts I'd been too. The atmosphere was great.

A warm up DJ set the scene, he was hidden away to the left.

The main support act was Simian Mobile Disco, who looked like two guys chasing themselves around a bunch of electrical equipment set up in the centre of the stage. The LED vertical lighting that made up most of their visuals was amazingly bright though and was leaving lines on my retinas. The place did go mad when they mixed into Hustler though.

Then it was onto the main event and the Chemical Brothers really rocked the crowd, starting with Galvanise which set the crowd off perfectly.

The visuals for "do it again" were great. Here's a youtube that someone else took. I don't understand why people go to events and watch the show through their mobiles, but the flipside is that I can steal what they've posted :)

A great laser show and the video screen was pretty clever too. It only allowed light through one way so they could put lights behind it and when they projected the visuals onto it they looked like they were floating midstage.

Creepy eye!!

It was an amazing show, and I'd danced for the full two or so hours that they played. The plan had been to go after the Chemicals had finished, but I was having too good a time so I stayed for the closing act Miss Kitten who played for 3 hours.

She plays quite dark dance music and occasionally sings over the top. She did a good job keeping the crowd going and I would love to know what track she finished with as it sounded like Polyphonic Spree but not a track that I had. There weren't many people left in the venue when she wrapped things up, but those of us who remained left smiling!
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