Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Some more Banksy pieces

Back in December I thought I'd go and find some more Banksy pieces that I'd ever missed on my big tour or that had appeared since that.
This one made a bit of press as he was photographed by a passer-by whilst doing it. Fortunately the media didn't make a big deal about it. Perhaps they like the mystery aspect to Banksy too! This one is on Pollard Street in Hackney and I think its the first time he's done something with the yellow lines.

I like the cheeky stencil added later :)

This one is in North London opposite Chalk Farm station. It's been around for a while but its a little out of the way from the majority of his pieces. There used to be a rat up the hill from here but its no longer there, which would have saved me a mini-walk trying to find it had I known.

This one took me 2 days to find as the instructions were pretty vague and the best my research could give me was a street in the vicinity but not the actual street. I can only assume the website was being intentionally vague to stop people attacking it. Only on the Sunday after combing the area did I find it. To save anyone else from wasting a day have a look on Shafton Road north of Victoria Park in Hackney.

The same stencil was also used to do this one over in West London near Portobello Rd Market in Notting Hill. This one made the news as the owner of the wall on which it is painted made £200,000 from its sale. A shrewd business move! He also preserved it by having a clear acrylic screen fastened over the top, which is what the circles are.

This one was found at the Mount Pleasant Post Office in Farringdon. This was one that I'd missed and is close to the cash machine grabbing the young girl, which I did get a while back, although not on the big walk. If it looks dark its because I took this at 6 in the morning following an overnight shift at work. I wasn't quite ready for bed when it ended (too much red bull) so I thought I'd go for a walk to find this. In the same taurine boosted morning I walked all the way to Debenhams on Oxford Street and bought a PS3 and Bravia TV! I love overnights!

I'd missed this one on the big walk and I almost missed it on this occasion. Hidden behind the billboard you can just make out one of his Apache helicopters with ribbons.

And rather more worryingly I missed this one too. It used to have the Pulp Fiction and then Banana Costumed Pulp Fiction pieces but now has this poignant angel.

I'm doing alright in finding the London ones but there are still more to get, then I'm off to Bristol to try to do the same there.
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